Symposium / Conference:


Management Development Institute (MDI) Murshidabad conducted its Flagship Event, The Second Business Symposium – Vicarana’16 on 27th and 28th, August 2016. Is 2016 going to scale up the business market or it is not a happy new year? Year of the Monkey could prove challenging for Asian economies, with growth remaining subdued. This was the question which was taken up by all the industry & academic stalwarts and they magnificently presented their ideas which kindled the managerial spark among the students. The knowledge disseminated was significant to the reality which industries are facing in the areas of Finance, Human Resource, Marketing, Operations, and Analytics. This was a platform where the students were able to showcase their understanding where they broke theoretical boundaries and entered into practicality. All the guest speakers and other dignitaries were impressed and wished MDI Murshidabad best of luck for the future.


Getting Your Workforce Smart: How Agile HR Matters was broadly the topic of discourse for HR Meet Samanvay held on 19th & 20th September, 2015. It included eleven eminent speakers heralding from various sectors.
They are:

Mr. P. K. Bondriya, Group GM, NTPC, Farakka
Mr. Rahul Bose, GM, IBM
Mr. Amitava Parui, Program Manager
Mr. Anirban Khamroi, Sr. V.P., Voidth India Ltd.
Mrs. Sangeeta Mishra, DGM (HRD), SAIL
Mr. Alok Tagore, Regional HR Head, Deloitte
Dr. K. S. Bhoon, Head Organisational Performance Excellence, ACC Concrete Business
Mr. Abhijit Sengupta, Sr. General Manager, HR, Eveready
Mr. Sabyasachi Bhattacharya, Asst. V.P. , Bhandhan Bank Ltd.
Mr. Nataraj Ray, Head HR and Legal of Chandra’s Chemical Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. A.K Mishra, Trade Union Leader, NTPC.

The coverage was inclusive of subthemes like Human Resource as a Strategic Partner, Human Resource analytics, Diversity and Inclusion, and Value proposition through Engagement as a guideline to Agile HR which are again benchmarked practices to enable workforce smarter. The speakers had enriched the session of discourse through the lens of their experiences. The enlightenment about the contemporary forms of practices explaining Agile HR will be depicted categorically in our special issue of “Ingenium” which is forthcoming. The discussion had generated 6 Cs which are the basic philosophy enabling HR agile. These embarrass coordination, creativity, commitment, communication, change and compliance. Such intellectually stimulating sessions have certainly elevated the entire learning environment of MDI Murshidabad to the next level.


The Symposium, held on the 14th & 15th of March, 2015 was themed around topics of relevance to the contemporary Indian Economy like the “Make In India” campaign, Challenges in Rural Markets, and The Rise of Analytics in Indian Businesses. It saw a rich representation from both the Industry and the Academia, with participating companies including IBM, Accenture, Schneider Electric, Mitsubishi Chemicals, mjunction, MTS, Amazon, Reliance Infra, Ambuja, and Dabur among others. The Chief Guest, Mr. P.K. Bondriya, Group GM, NTPC–Farakka, congratulated MDI Murshidabad for its noble endeavour of hosting a conclave such as Vicarana, which he felt was pertinent not just in acting as an incubator for new thoughts and ideas, but also as a portal through which new developments and advancements could be devised for the Indian society in general and the betterment of Murshidabad in specific. He also laid stress upon the need to develop innovative and socially responsible managers.


On 29th November, 2014 MDIM launched its first official corporate interaction programme. The occasion was graced by three corporate speakers:
•MR.SOMESH DASGUPTA , President, India Power Corporation Ltd.
• MR. SUBHASHISH DAS, Vice President, Berger Paints
• MR. PRASANNA KUMAR SAHU, General Manager, Tata Steel