Student Welfare & Counseling Committee

Student Welfare and Counseling Committee

The Student Welfare and Counseling Committee has been reconstituted with immediate effect consisting of the following members:

1) Dr. Niharika Gaan, Assistant Professor – Chairperson

2) Dr. Amrita Sengupta, Assistant Professor – Member

3) Dr. Subrata Chattopadhyay, Assistant Professor – Member

4) Ms. Dayawanti Tarmali, Assistant – Member & Secretary

The Committee aims to motivate students to participate and excel in the MDIM curricular and extra curricular activities, by ensuring that their psycho-social challenges are taken care of. This is ensured by holding counseling sessions with students facing such challenges, which is adversely affecting their performance in MDIM. It is committed to helping all students to reach their fullest potential in and out of the classroom. It monitors the activities of various clubs which have been constituted under the umbrella of Students’ Welfare Committee in previous sessions.
Students may approach any of the Committee members for a personal counseling session in case any difficulties are faced.