Student Disciplinary Committee

Student Disciplinary Committee

The Student Disciplinary Committee is hereby re-constituted as under with immediate effect:

1) Dr. Niharika Gaan, Assistant Professor – Chairperson

2) Dr. Paroma Mitra Mukherjee, Assistant Professor – Member

3) Dr. Amrita Sengupta, Assistant Professor – Member

4) Dr. Subrata Chattopadhyay, Assistant Professor – Member

5) Shri Pratyush Banerjee, Administrative Officer – Member

6) Shri Avirup Das, Assistant – Member & Secretary

The functions of the Disciplinary Committee shall be:

  • To consider the evidence submitted to it;
  • To determine whether the allegation relating to the disciplinary offence has been substantiated;
  • To determine, if appropriate, the outcome or penalty to be imposed.