Sponsored Project:

Overview on Sponsored Project funded by ICSSR, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India

The project entitled “Gender Violence: Caste, Ethnicity, Religion and Regional Dimensions” was accorded to MDI Murshidabad dated 1st June, 2014 with great faith and trust by ICSSR, Ministry of HRD. The sponsored project was funded with an amount of Rs.10, 00000.
The successful accomplishment of it was made under the supervision of Project Director, Dr. Niharika Gaan and team members constituting Ms. Bony Dasgupta, Research Scholar and Ms. Madhushmita Mishra, field investigator. The empirical study adopted a mixed bag of quantitative and qualitative techniques of data collection that is survey technique and case study in order to collect rich data from the two districts of Murshidabad, West Bengal and Koraput, Odisha. It made a comparative study between two States to examine the differences on domestic violence due to impact of culture, and formal network intervention like administrative and non-governmental bodies. These two districts were selected based on the characteristics of the population emanating ethnicity which gets embodied due to minority and tribal inhabitants of Murshidabad and Koraput districts respectively.
The findings have confirmed to the established research as well revealed new matters too which are pertaining to the evolution of society. The stark contrasts could be only observed between two districts when the cultural impacts arise. The similarities in the causes as stated in the media like illiteracy, poverty, unemployment, religious beliefs and social customs have evolved as the pronounced factor in influencing domestic violence in both the districts. Dissimilarities were observed pertinent to the issue of ethnicity and reporting of atrocities to administrative bodies and service providers.