Social Responsibilities:

Career Guidance Camp:

Prayas, the Social Responsibility Committee of MDI Murshidabad, had contributed to the youth of Don Bosco School, Monigram, on the occasion of Career Guidance Camp on 6th February 2017. Children who are deprived of the basic necessities and who belong to the underprivileged families were provided with basic educational stationeries to motivate them to grow and become better citizens of the society. High School students were propelled to build shining career in their respective fields.

Blood Donation Camp :

If you feel desolated when the most popular blood bank organization denies you blood at the hour of need, Jangipur populace could be the most empathetic towards you.They face this miserable situation customarily. The CSR committee of MDI Murshidabad felt they could appease the situation to some extent. A blood donation camp was organized on 17th of December,2015 on the campus of MDI Murshidabad. The social cause was also supported by the Jangipur BDO, by honouring the occasion as the Chief Guest. It was overwhelming to see students, staffs and faculties participate the event with zeal and enthusiasm. We could measure the success of the event by the will power of those people who came to donate blood but could not, due to indisposition.

Education Awareness Camp:

Our life at MDI Murshidabad is normally hectic and monotonic. Every day we are packed with lectures, quizzes, assignments, development activities etc. Fortunately we, the CSR team got a wonderful opportunity to break the prosaicness. It was a social welfare activity in the form of Education Awareness Campaign arranged by our mentor Dr. Niharikan Gaan in collaboration with NGO Charsha which is primarily into rural primary School Ambidexterity Mission located at Chandni Chaukhat, Jangipur, West Bengal.Our activity began by addressing the parents and guardians of the children. We were six people namely Ajay Kumar, Kunal Dhage, Surender Khangwal, Shubhro Chakravarty, Vatsal Sharma and myself Nishat Alam Choudhury. We gave a short demonstration on the benefits of education. We even enlightened them with all the scholarship schemes and educational loan plans available. Unsurprisingly they looked far from convinced. They shared their grievances. I felt with pity and grief when I learnt how the children lived the day. All they could do in their leisure was to roll out making of bidis to add revenue to their family occupation which seems to be minuscule. In reality, the situation apparently looks grim with education being considered secondary. They usually study in their leisure hours. We tried our best to instil some hope among parents to let their children study beyond matriculation as opposed to their current trend. Convincing them had posed insurmountable challenges. However, the best part could be achieved when we interacted with the students. This interaction session was organized by school principal in order to showcase their school children. We were awestruck to find those little gems reciting beautiful poems. To our delight the poems were not just in Bengali, but in Hindi and English also. We gave each of them chocolates and biscuits as a token of encouragement. We lit up their spirits so that someday they make the nation a better place to live in.