Library Rules


Library Rules

All the students/faculties/staffs entering the Library shall deposit their bags and other belongings at the entrance and sign in the Register at the checkpoint. Only notebooks, laptops and the Library books to be returned will be allowed inside the premises.
Do not leave any valuables at the Check Point. Library is not responsible for any loss of personal belongings. All files, books, notebooks and material issued to the users must be presented to the Security Officer at the checkpoint for inspection while leaving the Library. Library does not permit any exception in the observance of this rule.

Library Working Hours
Library Timing

Days Issue/Return Hours Library Hours
Monday to Saturday 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM 9:30 AM to 1:00 AM
Sunday and Holidays 9:30 AM to 1:00 AM

Reprography Timing

Days Duration
Everyday 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
General Rules
  • Keep your bags and books in shelve inside the library. No one is allowed to carry them inside the reading room.
  • Library resources such as books, journals, and electronic materials, etc. are costly and are often rare. They are for the benefit of not only the present but also for the future members of the Library. Therefore, Readers should not deface, mark, cut, mutilate or damage Library resources in any way. If anyone is found doing so, he/she will be charged the full replacement cost of the resource. Books borrowed should be protected from Rain, Dust, Insects, etc.
  • Before leaving the issue counter, member should satisfy themselves as to whether the Library material lent to them is in sound condition. If not, they should immediately bring the matter to the knowledge of the Library staff at the issue counter; otherwise, they are liable to be held responsible for replacing the material or paying such compensation as fixed by the Librarian.
  • Books removed from the shelves by students, if not required for reference, should be kept on the table nearest to them. Please do not try to shelve them yourself.
  • The newspaper(s) should be folded properly after reading and kept back in the designated place.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited.
  • Beverages and eatables are not allowed inside the Library.
  • All users are requested to keep their mobiles in switched off or silent mode in the Library.
  • As the Library is a place of self-study and research, members should maintain an atmosphere of dignity, peace and silence within the Library premises.
  • Users are advised not to borrow books for others in their names.
  • No visitor or guest is permitted to use the Library without the prior permission of the Librarian.
  • Members should keep the Library informed of any change of address during the period of their membership.
  • Suggestions regarding purchase of books/other materials, subscriptions, improving of Library services, complaints etc., may be sent at

The Librarian has the power to cancel the membership and refuse admission to anyone who violates the rules and regulations of the Library or indulges in any other type of misconduct.

Lending Rules

Every Library user (student, staff and faculty) shall visit the Library to borrow the library material. Users (Faculty/Staff/Students) shall not be allowed to borrow books on behalf of other members.
The various categories of members and their privileges are as follows:

Sl. No. Member Category Entitled (Number of Books) Loan Duration
1 PGPM Students 06 15 Days
2 Faculty 15 90 Days
3 Staff 04 30 Days

Note: If Library Trainees are absent, no books will be issued and returned.

  • Reference titles will not be issued to any user. However, the Librarian may consider issuing of select titles to Faculty members.
  • The faculty/staff spouse is allowed to borrow books from the Library. However, the faculty/staff will be responsible for all such transactions and is required to give an undertaking for the same.
  • Books may be renewed up to 2 times provided there is no reservation against such titles.
  • Books should be brought physically for return and renewals. A renewal over telephonic/verbal requests/written communication is not entertained.
  • Borrower is fully responsible for the books/any other material borrowed in his/her account. Hence, members are advised not sub-lend the materials borrowed from the Library.
  • In exceptional cases, a document may be recalled before the due date if required urgently in the Library. Failure to respond promptly to such requests may lead to suspension of Library privileges.
  • If the borrower fails to return the book(s) within a reasonable time of its due date as indicated in the recall notice/due date slip (pasted on the last page of the book), the borrower is liable to pay the cost of the book and other applicable charges.
  • For issue of new arrivals, priority will be given to member who recommended that book.
  • Members proceeding on long leave or leaving the station for any other purpose exceeding three months should return the documents that are borrowed by him/her before leaving the Institute.

Issue of Periodicals/Journals/Electronic and other AV Material

  • Current issues of the periodicals/journals are not issued to the members.
  • Electronic resources (CDs, Videos AV materials) and back volumes of journals are issued only to Faculty for a period of two weeks.

Photocopy Facilities

  • Members may get photocopies of select chapters/portion of non-issuable resources on payment of prescribed charges.

Penalty on Overdue Books

  • Fine on overdue books will be charged at the rate of Re.1/- per day across members categories (student/staff/faculty etc.);
  • If the book/any other material is reported (in writing) as lost/misplaced by the students/ faculty/staff or any other member, the overdue charges are not levied in such case from the date of report until the same is replaced. However, such transactions must be settled within two months from the date of reporting of the loss.

Recovery of Books Lost by Members

If a book or any of the above material is lost or mutilated beyond usable condition, the following rules will apply:
i) The book or any of the above material has to be replaced with the latest edition of that material along with an additional charge of Rs. 100/-.
ii) Pay the cost of the latest edition of the book or any other reading material along with an additional charge of Rs. 100/- .
iii) If the book/any other material is out of print or found to be of rare value, then three times the cost of the book has to be paid by the member along with an additional charge of Rs.100/-.
iv) If the book/any other material is reported (in writing) as lost/misplaced, the overdue charges are not levied in such case from the date of report until the same is replaced (it must be resolved within two months). However, if the member fails to resolve the issues within the prescribed time frame, applicable rules relating to the penalty/ overdue charges will apply.
v) If a book/any other material belonging to a set is lost, the borrower will replace the entire set at their own cost along with an additional charge of Rs.100/- per volume.

Clearance Certificate

  • All members who leave the Institute must obtain a Clearance Certificate from the Librarian.