Director’s Message


Director’s Message

At second glance I found the emerald green of the Campus nestled amidst the historic landscape of Siraj-ud-dawla’s Murshidabad to be as environmentally inviting as intellectually stimulating. That’s where MDI Murshidabad’s USP lies. The surrounding sights and sounds of nature, the impressive Academic Block ‘Nirvana’, the spanking new glass-encased Executive residency, the Tall Boy & Girl’s Hostels, the manicured lawns neatly ringed by eco-seats…… it took me some time to sink all this in. My first glance was obviously riveted to the signage, MDI – a brand synonymous with Quality Management education anytime, and yes – Anywhere too! Welcome to the Murshidabad campus of MDI.

A standalone legacy among Management institutions in the country, MDI M is also gearing up to leverage this identity right from its inception. A grand inauguration of the Campus by the Hon’ble President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee, followed by soul inspiring addresses to our 1st batch of PGPM students by him and Shri Arun Jaitley, Hon’ble Minister of Finance, Defence & Corporate Affairs, made August 24th 2014 a truly memorable day and certainly a harbinger of the eventful years to come. I feel proud to belong to this legacy where education is matched with colloquiums on best practices delivered by some of the finest intellects and practitioners.
The challenge at Murshidabad has begun to take effect already. The state-of-art complex, comprising of the academic, administrative, residential, food and recreational facilities is in the finishing stage, and will match all your expectations from a campus by the time you step inside its hallowed portals. Here I must add a congratulatory note on my 1st batch. They had dauntingly accepted the challenge of some teething difficulties associated with an upcoming campus, only for the sake of quality learning. Because, the MDI brand does not compromise with the gift of knowledge.

The culture at MDI supports a crosswind movement of students and faculty. A pan-Indian section of the academic diaspora is evident in every manner of our campus existence, from language, dress, food, etc. to the cultural programs highlighting the artistic mix. An atmosphere of intellectual informality encourages the students and faculty alike to travel the extra mile in various ventures of their choice. The semi-urban and rural connect, the warm social acceptance by the local population, the constant encouragement from the District authorities in taking up educational and societal responsibility related projects has already begun to manifest the campus life at Murshidabad into a unique paradigm. Industry-academic interface and sharing of ideas with other B Schools of repute have also started to charge up the intellectual environment at our campus.

In its very first year of inception, MDI M has proudly hosted a number of events including business conclaves, MDPs, etc., each spelling exclusivity in its wake. Well, more is in the offing. Here challenges are explored in the spirit of fulfilment, as we believe that characters are shaped through experiences. And Management is converting knowledge to real time practice. Step after step and systematically. That is how we propose to edify our cherished institution, the mother of all learning.
So here’s looking forward to our meeting at MDI Murshidabad.

Prof. Gurudas Gupta, Ph.D.

Dr Gurudas Gupta, the first and the present Director of MDI Murshidabad, brings in more than 35 years of his multifaceted experience in the corporate, R & D, and academic world, both at the national as well as international levels. An institution builder with a hands-on approach and service orientation, he has served in critical functional areas through project inception to implementation. A Ph.D in Economics (Transportation) from Jadavpur University, he was associated throughout his career span with several flagship organizations in the maritime / transport sector like National Ship Design & Research Centre, CIWTC Ltd., Consulting Engineering Services (I) Ltd., London Transport International, UK, MERC, Netherlands, etc. Prior to joining MDI, he had served the Indian Maritime University, a Central University, as the first Dean & Head of the School of Maritime Management. He was appointed as the Member (Management) to the Port Advisory Committee of Tuticorin Port Trust, Govt. Of India, and had served as the Country Co-ordinator for ESCAP (UN). He has authored several articles and research papers in prestigious journals and books on transportation and urban affairs.